Meet Jessica Gomez


What inspires me… 

I realized at a very young age that I needed to take responsibility for my own success. I knew that if worked hard, it was possible to create positive change and opportunities for not only myself but for others around me. 

Starting up my company was a very humbling experience.  The uncertainty, the late nights, and the realization that I was even more unprepared that I had originally thought made me realize how important creating a support structure for small business and entrepreneurship really is.  This is what inspired me to become involved in our community, and to be part of building a more sustainable and resilient economy in Southern Oregon. 

Although I have not always been successful, I have learned a lot. Through this experience, public service has become one of my great loves. The opportunity to gather up all the goodwill and generosity of those around me and pay it forward to others continues to inspire me.

Jessica Gomez is the Founder and CEO of Rogue Valley Microdevices, Inc., the first microelectronics manufacturing company in Southern Oregon. Jessica developed a love for high-tech entrepreneurship after holding positions at Standard Microsystems in the 1990’s and then Integrated Micromachines, Inc. in 2001. In 2003 Jessica relocated to Southern Oregon and founded Rogue Valley Microdevices, Inc. Jessica is an active member of the community and is dedicated to supporting economic development.

She serves on the Oregon Institute of Technology Board of Trustees, was appointed by the Governor to serve on the Oregon Business Development Commission, serves on the Oregon Business Council’s Board of the Directors, The Chamber of Medford/Jackson County and Chairs the Rogue Workforce Partnership.  Jessica is also married and is the mother of two beautiful daughters.